Agile Anonymous: Hello, I’m a Recovering Release Train Engineer

Agile values and principles have been one of the key drivers of a transformation and its ability to innovate, learn and adapt. Recently coming off of a consulting opportunity as a Release Train Engineer, I sat back and retrospected (practice what we preach!) on what I can do to improve my own practices as an […]

Head, heart, guts: are you a transformational leader?

Leadership…many people have different ideas of what leadership means. What qualities come to mind when you think “leader?” What about “servant leader?” They may spark different ideas of what qualities make a leader depending on your organizational background.  There are leaders by title and there are natural leaders who inspire change in others through their […]

Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast

It was an honor to be interviewed for the Scrum Master Toolkit Podcast hosted by Vasco Duarte with over 2 million downloads and counting! Visit to listen to each day with various topics including: from scrum team member to product owner, a difficult transition, helping teams adopt scrum, with tools and training, managers as […]

Virtual Team Building Activities

In an odd time like this, with local and state governments or organizations taking actions to prevent further spread of COIVD-19. Now, with a majority of the workforce currently working remotely, and no idea of a “office return date” virtual team building is the new norm and is more important than ever. Virtual team building […]

7 habits of a successful remote worker

The last few weeks have changed our normal workday routines very drastically and quickly due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. Some companies have mandated working remotely, which can be challenging and difficult for some. Being in the right mental headspace can not only affect an individual’s mood, but can also impact work […]

Forging a Path to Business Agility: The Foundations

**content originally posted on CapTech by Adrienne Rinaldi Business agility is not a new concept when it comes to agile transformation. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) just rolled out an updated 5.0 version with business agility in the forefront. Conference topics and entire conferences are focused on business agility. What is Business Agility? While agility over the past […]