Leading organizations through their Agile transformation journey

Companies choose PinnacleTek to lead Agile/business transformations because we’re easy to work with and sized just right. We have the knowledge  & experience of large consulting firms - but we’re faster and more affordable than the big guys. We’re a high-performing boutique consulting firm that’s always looking to level up and fulfill our purpose: to deliver solutions.

Transformation Services

Agile Coaching

With years of experience in a variety of fields, PinnacleTek offers business transformation solutions, Agile transformation coaching, and customized solutions for your organization to optimize flow & value.

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Training & Workshops

PinnacleTek's partners offer Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) certifications, Agile role-based training, team training, conducting PI Planning training, managers in scaled transformations and more.

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Custom Software

PinnacleTek's proprietary open-source software development platform includes tech support, training & documentation so your organization can quickly design, develop and deploy software specifically solving your organization's needs.

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We're different. That's Real.

Our mission is to identify root cause of your organizations pain points and resolve them through proven lean-agile methodologies to deliver value to your customers. We're a boutique consulting firm focused on delivering results quickly. Our values are centered around eliminating waste, delay and non-value add activities that prevent you from making money, saving money or both.

Industry expertise

PinnacleTek has a vast experience covering many industries

Health Care

We know first-hand how to support the healthcare industry needs, includes supporting scaling transformations, and services that must operate within highly regulated industries.

Financial Services

We are experienced in supporting customized and certification training and transformations for Financial Service organizations.


Our industry experience includes supporting scaling transformations, customized training for Telecom organizations.


Highly regulated government from local to federal, we have the experience to customize and transform to fit within industry regulations.

Clients we've worked with

Meet the Team

Adrienne Rinaldi

Founder | Agile Transformation

Adrienne Rinaldi, Co-Founder of PinnacleTek, is an experienced Agile transformation coach who is committed to helping teams, programs and organizations deliver the right solutions at the right time with the right people. Adrienne is passionate about working with organizations on continuous improvement through people, processes and tools to ensure a lasting transformation that leads to long-term success that delivers value to customers. Adrienne is dedicated to helping companies grow and develop into business agility through simplicity, strategy and transformation.

Jeff Nixon

Founder | Agile Transformation

Jeff Nixon, Co-Founder of PinnacleTek, is an experienced technology professional who embraces the lean-agile mindset delivering complex software products through the continuous delivery pipeline. Jeff has provided coaching support to leadership for vision, strategy and implementation of teams, programs and portfolios in different areas of Fortune 100 companies. Jeff’s skills and experience lead change in IT product management and traditional PMOs through the incremental improvement of organizations through agile principles.

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