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Our mission is to identify root cause of your organizations pain points and resolve them through proven lean-agile methodologies to deliver value to your customers. We're a small boutique consulting firm focused on delivering results quickly. Our values are centered around eliminating waste, delay and non-value add activities that prevent you from making money, saving money or both.

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Agile Coaching

With years of experience in a variety of fields, PinnacleTek offers business transformation assessments, Agile transformation coaching, and customized solutions for your organization to optimize flow & value.

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Training & Workshops

PinnacleTek's partners offer Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) certifications, Agile role-based training, team training, conducting PI Planning training, managers in scaled transformations and more.

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Custom Software

PinnacleTek's proprietary open-source software development platform includes tech support, training & documentation so your organization can quickly design, develop and deploy software specifically solving your organization's needs.

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