Start With an Agile Assessment in 2022

Start With an Agile Assessment in 2022

Now is the time! Agile transformations are an investment in your organization’s future. Now more than ever, companies need to be able to pivot quickly and adapt to the changing needs of their customers. To create an environment that fosters agility, organizations need a strategic and deliberate Agile roadmap plan based on their unique needs.

Agile Assessments Include:

  • Discovery and baseline of current state (e.g. culture, processes, workflow, tools etc.)
  • Identification of a purpose for change and vision for the transformation
  • A transformation roadmap strategy, using information learned during the assessment and based on organizational business outcomes
  • A prioritized backlog of initial Agile transformation activities

What is an Agile assessment?
An Agile assessment involves discovery of current state including major challenges, opportunities for improvement, understanding of organizational culture, and a high-level understanding of how value flows throughout the organization. The assessment consist of interviews, observation of key events, and and data analysis. PinnacleTek then packages the results it into a customized presentation and workshop to follow. The presentation includes key findings, patterns, and recommendations for Continuous improvement.

What is our Agile transformation strategy?
PinnacleTek know's that one size does not fit all. An Agile transformation strategy is a high-level view of the big steps or roadmap involved in your organizations Agile transformation. It's a sequencing of approximate time frames needed to deploy change throughout the organization, from the Portfolio, to value streams to the teams.

What is an Agile transformation backlog?
Based on the rollout strategy and findings from the assessment, we work with organizations to build a backlog and breakdown and prioritize the work. The backlog will be visible to the entire organization and will help to communicate progress.

Ready for an Agile Assessment?

Start off 2022 right. Let us know where your organization is on their Agile journey, and we'll set up with a consultation with an experienced Agile expert. Strategy & transformation is PinnacleTek.