Blue/Negotiator (Estrogen) — Intuitive, imaginative, and idealistic. Negotiators are dominated by the female sex hormone estrogen. They are introspective, big-picture thinkers who excel in verbal skills, consensus building, and long-term planning. Negotiators shine when it comes to empathy, nurturing, and other social skills. Like Dictators, this personality type is not gender-specific; 20.4% of men are Negotiators (compared to 35.8 percent of women).

I thrive when

I like warm, inviting, open and interactive team environment. I am an enthusiastic, optimistic, imaginative, insightful and creative team member.

I help the team by fostering interpersonal relationships and cooperation. I am future oriented and look for the possibilities of what might be. I see the good in all teammates and help them realize their potential.

I have tremendous empathy for people and use my intuition to understand them. I love when the team connects and comes together.

Are in search of themselves
Need to feel unique
Must be true to themselves
Look for symbolism
Value close relationships
Encourage expression
Desire quality time with loved ones
Need opportunities to be creative
Compromise and cooperate
Nurture people plants and animals
Look beyond the surface
Share emotions
Make decisions based on feelings
Need harmony
Are adaptable
Are drawn to literature
Are drawn to nurturing careers
Get involved in causes
Are committed to ideals
Bring unity to society


Emotionally driven

Seeks harmony in groups




Relationship builders

Leadership Style: harmonious, caring/concerned, democratic

Strengths as a leader:

  • Inspirational
  • Creative
  • Positive/optimistic

Expectations as a leader:

  • Express opinions
  • Sensitivity to others
  • Individual development




Hopelessly naïve

Talks to much

Ignores policy

I help the team "stay together"

I am compassionate.
I am always encouraging and supportive.
I am a peacemaker, sensitive to the needs of others.
I am a natural romantic.
I like to do things that require caring, counseling, nurturing and harmonizing.
I have a strong desire to contribute and to help others lead more significant lives.
I am poetic and often enjoy the arts.
I value integrity and unity in relationships.
I am enthusiastic, idealistic, communicative and sympathetic.
I express my feelings easily.

What others need to know about you

What do others need to know about working with you?
As a Blue, when I bring the team together please make the effort to cooperate and interact. I’ve thought long and hard about this an want my point to be made known.

How do you like to be approached/engaged?
As a Blue, if you come to my desk, let me finish up my task real quick, then let’s grab a coffee and have a chat.

How will this help me engage/collaborate with my coworkers?
I know that my teammate is a Blue and is creative and dependable and needs my encouragement.

How do others work best?
I know that my teammate is a Blue works best as a team.