Orange/Explorer (Dopamine) — Creative, curious, adventurous, impulsive, and independent. Explorers are the risk-takers of the personality wheel. Dominated by dopamine, the neurotransmitter that controls rewards and pleasures, Explorers have a high energy level and a profound need for novelty, excitement and stimulation. According to Fisher, Explorers represent 26% of all people.

I thrive when...

I like fast moving, action oriented created and challenging tasks. I adapt quickly to change. I love change and in fact can be a catalyst for bringing about needed organizational change.

I bring energy and fun to the team. I keep the team focused on the here and now. Keep me excited about the team’s goals and my performance peaks. I am spontaneous and trust my impulses.

I like to make a splash, to have something happen and to have impact. I am a promoter, performer, troubleshooter, negotiator and entrepreneur.

Free and spontaneous
Impulsive risk-takers

Resist commitment
Can become virtuosos
Thrive on crises
Are drawn to tools
Like to be the center of attention
Have great endurance
Are drawn to action jobs
Need variety
Dynamic, animated communicators
Deal with the here and now
Bold in relationships
Have difficulty finding acceptance
Like to live in a casual atmosphere
Bring excitement to society


Short-term driven

Welcomes change and variety




Natural negotiators

Leadership Style: competitive, action-oriented, exciting

Strengths as a leader:
Attracts people
Makes tasks fun

Expectations as a leader:
Quick action
Focus on the “here and now”
Keep the energy of a task fun







I help the team "get it started"

I am courageous.
I act on a moment’s notice.
I see life as a roll of the dice, a game of chance.
I need stimulation, freedom and excitement.
I am a natural leader, troubleshooter and performer.
I like to do things that require variety, results and participation.
I often enjoy using tools.
I am competitive and bounce back quickly from defeat.
I value action, resourcefulness and courage.
I am generous, charming and impulsive.

What others need to know about you

What do others need to know about working with you?
As an Orange, don’t bore me with unnecessary meetings or micromanage me; that drives me nuts - I will get my work done.

How do you like to be approached/engaged?
As an Orange, come to my desk; if you come to me with something I will get it done.

How do others work best?
I know that my teammate is a Orange works best unstructured.

How will this help me engage/collaborate with my coworkers?
I know that my teammate is a Orange and can take on anything thrown their way. They can handle many things at once.